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On behalf of St Francis Hospice, Thrift Green Trotters are delighted to host the 2015 Essex Championship 10K.

Sunday 5 July 2015 at 11.00am from Blackmore, Essex
See Brentwood 10K Tab (above right) for full Race and Application details.


Memorial Bench

If you were at the AGM last Wednesday, you'll have heard our chairman Brian Harding speak about a memorial bench at Weald Park in memory of Jeff, Alan Shirley and others. We've just received this notification from Brian:


"Arranged to go over South Weald this morning with Delia to look over potential locations.

This we did and one has been chosen not far from the Lake. 

Also delivered plaques to the Ranger.

We have arranged for a formal "unveiling" of our bench to take place at 10.30am on Thursday 9 April. We can gather at the visitors centre."

All Trotters welcome to attend

Thanks Brian

Membership - Renewals and New Applications - Important

Subscriptions are due on the 1st March, and will be accepted after 1st February. If you have joined since 1st January then your subscription is valid until 28th February 2016

All members, including those renewing, need to complete a new member or renewal form. Don’t forget to complete the emergency contact and number, which will be kept at the Brentwood Centre in case of emergencies during runs from the Centre. The new forms will be available on the website in early February

Fees are unchanged for 2015/16, and are:

New member (First ) - £45

New Member (Second claim) - £35
Membership renewal (First claim) - £30
Membership renewal (Second claim) - £20

New Junior - £35

Junior Renewal - £20

Second claim members are members of another running club, and represent them in races. Second claim Trotters cannot race for us against their First claim club. They can, however, race for us if their First claim club is not /span>

Methods of payment are:

· By cheque, made payable to Thrift Green Trotters. Please try to avoid cash. This should be accompanied by a Renewal Form or a New Members' Application Form, which can be from the website (below), and handed to the Membership Secretary or any member of the committee.

· By Standing Order - please ensure that it is from 1st March. There are still some members with S/Os from 1st September (please change!). A renewal or application form still needs to be completed and handled as above.

· Bank transfer – you can pay your fee straight from your to the Club’s Santander account. Remember to ensure that the transfer contains your full name so that it can be identified, and that you still need to submit a form separately

Account Number 73777309 Sort Code 09-01-51

Please note that the facility to pay by is no longer available

New wristbands will be available during February, and will be issued when your payment is confirmed. Please wear them to ensure you gain unchallenged entry to the Brentwood Centre. Existing orange bands will not be valid after 31st March


Forms (in PDF) available here. If you need a form in Word format, please use the contacts page to email Paul Price, and a form will be emailed to you

New Member Application

Existing Membership Renewal

Existing JUNIOR Membership Renewal


TGT 97 - Day Training Programme begins on Monday 19th January for the 2015 London Marathon

For a (PDF) Training Schedule, click here - suitable for all paces

Sunday morning training groups as follows:
Phil Olson will be taking a group out most Sundays (not the XC Sundays!) at 8:30am, 3:30 - 3:45 Marathon or 1:30 - 1:45 Half Marathon pace

Julie Buckley will be taking a Beginners Half Marathon training group at 8.30am suitable for anyone who can run 5 miles at 11-12 minute pace

Tina Leung will be taking a Marathon training group at 8.30am from the Brentwood Centre. Tina's group does 12min miles & from Sunday 25th Jan 2015 she will b running 11-12 mls - increasing each week approx 1 mile. NB No group Sun 1st Feb, meeting Sat 31st Jan instead - same time from the Brentwood Centre.



Entry is on the day and plenty of entry forms will be available. Any Thrift Green Trotter members would be very welcome.


Our junior section (for children 15/17) is on a Wedneday evening at 7.30pm from the Brentwood Centre. .Application Forms are available by clicking HERE. For further details, please contact Melvyn Cooper (See Contacts page on this site)



Why not visit (and Like) our Facebook Page? You can post messages for other Club members, and keep in touch with what's happening at the club

Click here for our Facebook Page (you may need to register for a FB Account)




We try to feature forthcoming races and runs to allow you to plan ahead, and perhaps to join in something new.

For more info on road, trail and adventure races in Essex try and click on to the Essex running calender





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Please see below for details of a generic Welfare statement, which is adopted by our Club.

In additon to this, we also we have our own Welfare Policy.

Please feel free to read or download these documents. Any questions, please direct to Jackie Woodroffe or Melvyn Cooper 

Generic Welfare Document (PDF)

TGT Welfare Policy (Word)





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